Jewelry Tips | Building Your Jewelry Collection

August 18, 2015

Jewelry is an important fashion accessory. It can complement an outfit or even completely transform it. As you build your jewelry collection, here are a few helpful tips on selecting the right pieces.

Versatility is Key

Selecting versatile pieces allows you to make the most of your jewelry. Invest in jewelry that can adapt to both a dressed down look and a formal one, can be layered with other jewelry, or can be worn different ways. For example, some necklaces can also be worn as a double necklace or wrap bracelet.

Mix and Match

Don’t stick with the same combination of necklace, earrings, and bracelet. Mix and match them to create unique looks. Have some variety in your jewelry so that you can experiment with colors, shapes, and sizes. There’s nothing more fun than achieving a great new look with the same jewelry, so look for new pieces that can adapt to ones already in your collection.

Sometimes Less is More

Combining jewelry is great, but sometimes less is more. In addition to versatile pieces and ones that you can mix and match, consider having some delicate pieces that can hold their own or a piece of jewelry that makes a dramatic statement. A bold color or interesting texture is sometimes all you need to do the trick!

Seasonal Changes and Colors

With every season, your wardrobe will change and so may your jewelry. Seasonal colors are great to have in your jewelry collection. Be sure to also choose some neutral pieces that can be worn throughout the year. Having both types of jewelry is important.

Consider Your Body Type

Don’t waste money on jewelry styles that simply don’t look good on you. Pick pieces that you love and that reflect your personal style, but also take into account your body type and what looks best on you. Take a look at our article on “Selecting the right jewelry for your body type” for some tips and tricks.

More Tips on Building Your Jewelry Collection

If you struggle with figuring out what pieces of jewelry to combine and mix and match, take a look at our Jewelry Collages on Instagram or Pinterest for some great jewelry tips. Combine your own jewelry in a similar manner or shop the looks right on our website to build your jewelry collection!

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