Caring For Fine Jewelry

August 12, 2015

Your jewelry is precious and is meant to last a lifetime. Whether you spend $50 or $5,000 on a piece of jewelry, how you care for it will determine its lifespan. Here are some tips on caring for fine jewelry to help you prolong the life of your precious pieces.

Proper Storage

Always store your jewelry in a clean and dry place. If possible, keep pieces separated from one another. If you have a jewelry box with multiple compartments, that’s perfect. Fabric lined compartments are best. Otherwise, you can simply wrap each piece in a tissue to keep them from scratching one another.

Regular Cleaning

There are many ways to clean your jewelry. Among them are chemical dips, ultrasonic cleaners that emit high-frequencies, steam, hot water, soap and water, microfiber cloths, and professional cleaning services. It is important to know that the best method for cleaning your jewelry depends on the material and stone. Some methods can damage your jewelry. For instance, any jewelry with gemstones should not be exposed to hot water. Pearls should not be cleaned with soap and water.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Sometimes we forget that jewelry can sustain normal wear and tear over the years. It is important to get them checked yearly, especially when it comes to rings with stones. Regular maintenance will help prevent loss and other damage to your jewelry.

Exposure to Chemicals and Elements

One of the most damaging to fine jewelry is exposure to chemicals and certain natural elements. You should never wear your fine jewelry when swimming in the ocean, as salt water is very damaging. The same goes for swimming in a pool given the chlorine. Remember to remove your jewelry and put it in a safe place before you use household cleaners or go tanning. There are other activities that can also damage your fine jewelry, so take a brief moment to think about removing your jewelry when performing an activity beyond normal daily wear.

With some added attention and care, you can extend the life of your jewelry. You can then focus on investing in more beautiful pieces rather than replacing damaged ones. For additional tips on caring for fine jewelry, follow us on FaceBook!

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