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Jewelry Storage Ideas & Tips

Jewelry Storage Ideas & Tips

Jewelry allows you to show off your unique style while adding some texture and fun to your outfits. If you love jewelry, then you have probably spent quite a bit of money building your beautiful collection of unique, color, and fun pieces. It is important to protect your investment. Here are some helpful tips and jewelry storage ideas. 

Proper Jewelry Storage Environment

No matter what type of jewelry you have, storing your jewelry in a clean and dry place is important. Moisture and extreme heat is never good for jewelry. Additionally, you should avoid heavy weight on jewelry pieces, which can occur if you pile up pieces rather than placing them in separate compartments. All jewelry is malleable to some extent and excessive weight can distort and damage them.

Organizing Your Jewelry Collection

Although small individual jewelry boxes and pouches are often great for storing your jewelry, they're often not ideal for organizing them for day-to-day use since you cannot see through the packaging. Larger jewelry boxes and cases are designed for this purpose. Most come with separated hooks or compartments for storing a large number of pieces. Separation is important to prevent pieces from tangling and rubbing. Selecting a jewelry organizer that closes has the added benefit of minimizing dust build-up.

Jewelry Storage by Material

Most jewelry arrives in packaging that is ideal for the particular type of metal. If you do not have or remember the original packaging, the following guide may help.

  • Sterling Silver should be stored in a tarnish resistant cloth bag. It is best not to expose silver to air, so consider placing the cloth in a small zip lock bag.
  • Gold, particular 24 karat gold, can scratch easily. It is best to keep gold pieces separated from other jewelry to prevent damage.
  • Vermeil jewelry is best stored in separate containers, preferably air tight ones. 

More Jewelry Storage Ideas & Tips

Open air storage of jewelry is a big trend. You've probably come across some creative and fun jewelry storage ideas and tips on Pinterest. Although fun and stylish, those storage methods are not always the best for preserving your jewelry. Consider keeping only every day wear items in open storage and rotate them into secure storage every so often to maintain their condition and beauty. 


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