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What is 14k Gold Filled Jewelry?

What is 14k Gold Filled Jewelry?

Despite its name, gold filled jewelry is not actually filled with gold. Yes, it’s quite confusing! To clear up common misconceptions, here’s a look at the most common type of gold fill,… 14k gold filled jewelry.

How 14k Gold Filled Jewelry is Made

Gold filled jewelry is made from 14k gold using a specific process that makes it more durable. It starts with a high-quality core (such as brass) and then multiple layers of solid 14k gold. The gold is pressure bonded over extremely high heat, which makes it durable and strong. So, the gold is on the outside of the jewelry rather than a fill on the inside.

Quality of Gold in Gold Filled Jewelry

In order to use the “gold filled” label, jewelry must have at least 5% pure gold. This may not sound like much, but it’s enough to create a thick outer layer that is both durable and beautiful. It will not flake or peel. Gold filled jewelry pieces are also affordable; the same piece of jewelry with 14k gold throughout would cost significantly more. Additionally, 14k gold filled jewelry comes in different shades, such as yellow gold and rose gold.

Gold Fill and Allergies

With no exposed metal on the outside, those with allergies or sensitive are normally able to wear 14k gold filled jewelry without any issue. In fact, it’s known as a great alternative for most skin types. However, it’s important to note that if you have allergies to certain gold alloys, you may want to test reactions with 14k gold-filled jewelry. Additionally, the gold exterior can wear down over time if not cared for properly, so be sure to follow proper care recommendations and check the condition of your jewelry.

Gold Filled Jewelry from Tangerine Jewelry Shop 

As you browse through our website, you may come across this term quite often in product descriptions. Many of our jewelry pieces are 14k gold filled and use a variety of base metals underneath. Given its long-lasting quality, you can wear our jewelry pieces every day without worry. They also make lovely, yet affordable, gifts for friends and family.

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