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What Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

What Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Gold vermeil jewelry is created using a traditional process of plating gold on top of sterling silver or bronze. The plating is 40 micro inches thick and uses 98.5% pure gold. It’s a very reliable process used to create beautiful jewelry pieces that are very popular with our customers. 

Types of Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Our gold plate “Vermeil style” is offered in several different finishes including:

  • a satin finish 24 karat soft yellow gold color,
  • a shiny finish 14 karat soft yellow gold color, and
  • a shiny finish 18K Rose Gold 

How to Care for Gold Vermeil Jewelry 

Gold vermeil jewelry can gently fade over time. Proper care will increase the longevity of your pieces. There are several things you can do to keep your gold vermeil pieces looking beautiful for many years:

  • Storage - Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or near sources of high heat, as this can cause deformities. Keeping individual pieces in separate compartments or bags can be helpful as well. An air-tight container is always best to minimize tarnishing.
  • Wear - Remove jewelry when applying lotion/perfumes or when using household cleaning solutions.
  • Cleaning - Gently wipe your jewelry with a microfiber cloth to keep them clean and bright. Never use any chemicals to clean gold vermeil jewelry.
  • Restoration - If you notice any fading, use a gold polishing cloth to help restore the finish.

More on What is Gold Vermeil Jewelry 

Gold vermeil is similar to gold filled jewelry in some ways, including being an affordable option to solid gold. Unlike gold filled jewelry, the base in gold vermeil is only precious metal. Therefore, it is often a better option for those with allergies. Enjoy shopping our wide selection of gold vermeil jewelry and make them a permanent staple in your jewelry collection.

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