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What is Druzy Jewelry and How to Care for It

What is Druzy Jewelry and How to Care for It

Among our best selling items are druzy jewelry pieces, including druzy necklaces, bracelets and earrings. One look and it’s clear to see why they’re so popular. They feature interesting textures, sparkling reflections, and beautiful colors. Differing from traditional gemstones, what exactly is druzy? 

How Is Druzy Made? 

The term druzy refers to tiny crystals that form on top of colorful minerals. These are often found in geodes and vary greatly in size, with some minerals being tiny and others being large. Both the mineral and crystal compositions can vary. Quartz, malachite, and garnet are among the most common druzy minerals. Additionally, they can be treated with a coating on top when made into jewelry. Coatings include gold, platinum, titanium, or sterling silver. 

Benefits of Druzy Jewelry

Druzy is actually a perfect material for jewelry. First, they are much less expensive compared to gemstones, so larger pieces can be added to jewelry without exorbitant costs. Secondly, they are truly unique in texture and appearance. The combination of coating, crystals, and minerals can result in pieces that look completely different. It makes each piece seem more special.

Caring for Druzy Jewelry

Given the uneven texture of druzy jewelry, you can’t simply wipe them down with a cloth. Instead, create a mixture of distilled water and dish soap. Avoid harsh chemicals like jewelry cleaner. Soak your Druzy jewelry in this mixture and then rinse with distilled water. Gently pat it dry with a soft cloth. If any moisture remains, use a hair dryer to dry it. Be sure to use a low heat or even cool setting. Air drying can leave spots or a film on your druzy jewelry, so it is important to dry it immediately after cleaning.

Shopping for Druzy Jewelry

Here are a few Druzy jewelry pieces from our collections. Note the range of colors, shapes, textures, and overall appearance. Whether you’re looking for something casual and fun or formal and dainty, you’re sure to find Druzy jewelry options to fit your needs. They are also great for layering with other styles. Shop our full collection of Druzy jewelry.

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